GET ON IT, LET’S GO! 9-25-22

Monday ENE swell at knee to waist high with 5-10mph SW/ESE winds.

Tuesday ESE wind swell at knee to thigh high with 5-10mph SSW/NE winds.

Wednesday ESE wind swell at waist to chest high with 20mph E/ESE winds.

Thursday SE wind/swell at waist to chest high+ with 20mph+ SE winds.

Friday NE swell at waist to rib high+ with 15-25mph+ S/SE winds.

Saturday ENE swell at waist to rib high+ with 15-20mph+ S/SW winds.

Pray for waves.

Enjoy, we’ve had many new boards arrive, stop by our new location 1777 South Patrick DR. suite 107 Indian Harbour Beach.

321-720-5825 call anytimeΒ 

Enjoy Another Ride!


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