is a site built around premium used surfboard sales. All of our boards are sure to be water tight before it’s ready for Another Ride. We know it is sometimes hard to find that magic board. Whether an avid surfer or a leisure surfer, you can count on us.

AR specializes in only the superior in shapes and designs. From novice boards to high performance boards you can find it here.

With our swap a board program you are sure to find that magic board. Any board purchased can be traded  for another ride of equal value or condition difference cost. After a few surfs you might find the board you bought is too big or small, too thick or thin.Whatever the reason it can be traded repeatedly until you are satisfied. This will knock out the frustrations faced when you’re stuck riding a board not working for you.

Hope we can help advance your equipment, knowledge and skills. We will deliver to you, go to our contacts page for more info.

Keep our ocean and beaches clean, learn surf etiquette, and have fun!

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