6’10” Hippo Domination $529

Make = AR

Model = Hippo

Height = 6’10”

Width = 23 1/2″

Thick = 3 1/4″

Fins = future

Other = The Hippo Dominant males are very protective over their group. To warn off rival males, they open their huge mouths and display their long, curved canines! They also make loud grunts and aggressive splashes in the water.

These animals will be in your waters soon. Epoxy construction 6×6 top 6oz bottom. Single to Double  with vee off the tail they are nibble and quick top to bottom. Another Rides Reduction rails thru tail allow for responsive transition rail to rai. Slightly advanced rocker thru nose and tail to adapt to more conditions from 1-6ft+ 

Order your Hippo at Another Ride Surf Shop or call anytime. 

More Hippos are being born for you to see @another ride surf shop.

Price = $529


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