10ft Killer Whale epoxy longboard $659

Make = Another Ride

Model = The Killer Whale

Height = 10ft

Width = 23 1/4″

Thick = 3 1/2″

Fins = 2 + 1

Other = Fact ,Because of the killer whale’s size, it is not preyed on by any other creature in the ocean. It is an apex predator — at the top of the food chain — and the largest apex predator on Earth. Its size means a great amount of strength, which the killer whale uses in order to catch prey.

Another one of our dominate animals The Killer Whale. 

A glider thru water that will catch them all.

With advanced rocker through nose and tail it will be sure to have the speed and performance both rail to rail and on the nose.

Light weight epoxy construction with strength and performance in mind.

Order your next Ride from Another Ride where we build what you ride!

Price = $659


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