5’11” Bonzer by Campbell Brothers $399


Make = Channel Islands Campbell Brothers

Model = Biscuit Bonzer

Height = 5’11”

Width = 20 1/2″

Thick = 2 3/8″

Fins = Glass on bonzer center box

Other =  Biscuit rapidly became a favorite for many of the team riders and surfers around the world.

Soon after, we began to notice that certain people “Bonzer-ized”

Biscuits with the Campbell’s 5-fin setup.

Turns out the pronounced spiral vee in the back of the board

jived perfectly with the Campbell brothers’ Bonzer 5 recipe.

Now exactly 10 years later, that vision by a small crew of surfers is a reality.

For all of you who remember the smile the Biscuit brought to your face,

enjoy the added drive and rail-to-rail feel of the Bonzer 5 Biscuit.

Ride this board about 4? – 6? shorter than you are tall.

Price = $399

Board# = 364415


6’0″ JC Hawaii $299

Make = JC Hawaii

Model = Dirian

Height = 6’0″

Width = 19.35

Thick = 2.5

Fins = futures

Other = Performance swallow tail advanced rocker

3x concave bottom tapered rails thru nose and tail

waves 2ft+

Price = $299

Board# = 364410JC


5’4″ LOST Lib Tech short round $399

Make = LOST

Model = Lib Tech short round

Height = 5’4″

Width = 18″

Thick = 2 1/4″ 25(L)

Other = Short Round makes paddling easy and takes off fluid and smooth. Once on the face, the combination of low entry rocker and wide-ish nose blended with the generous concave create a speedy little board that runs down the line fast and furious.A sweet option for filling the gap between true groveler and classic shortboard, the Short Round has features from the contest world fused with a design for the everyday surfer. The modern bump squash tail, the double concave between fins, the moderate rocker, they collectively work together to forge a shape that can do it all in average day to day conditions. The lightweight Lib Tech materials and proven durability mean the Short Round is sure to deliver reliable performance for session after session of enjoyment.

Price = $399

Board# = 834398


5’6″ C.Birch and Another Ride designs accelerator five fin $629

Make = Chris Birch

Model = Accelerator II HP AR designs

Height = 5’6″

Width = 19 1/4″

Thick = 2 1/4″

Fins = future five fin

Other = Chris Birch THE ACCELERATOR II 

another ride designs fabric inlay with pigmented resin tint pinlines

double barrel concave thru fins forgiving easy to ride

versatile five fin moderate rocker thin tail to adapt to the speed and flow most all condition 2ft+

Price = $629

Board# = AR56318


5’8″ Chris Birch AR design acceleratorII HP $629

Make = Chris Birch

Model = AR accelerator

Height = 5’8″

Width = 19 1/2″

Thick = 2 1/4″

Fins = future five fin

Other =


another ride designs fabric inlay with pigmented resin tint pinlines

double barrel concave thru fins forgiving easy to ride

versatile five fin moderate rocker thin tail to adapt to the speed and flow most all condition 2ft+


Board# = AR582018


6’10” Hippo Domination $529

Make = AR

Model = Hippo

Height = 6’10”

Width = 23 1/2″

Thick = 3 1/4″

Fins = future

Other = The Hippo Dominant males are very protective over their group. To warn off rival males, they open their huge mouths and display their long, curved canines! They also make loud grunts and aggressive splashes in the water.

These animals will be in your waters soon. Epoxy construction 6×6 top 6oz bottom. Single to Double  with vee off the tail they are nibble and quick top to bottom. Another Rides Reduction rails thru tail allow for responsive transition rail to rai. Slightly advanced rocker thru nose and tail to adapt to more conditions from 1-6ft+ 

Order your Hippo at Another Ride Surf Shop or call anytime. 

More Hippos are being born for you to see @another ride surf shop.

Price = $529


10ft Killer Whale epoxy longboard $659

Make = Another Ride

Model = The Killer Whale

Height = 10ft

Width = 23 1/4″

Thick = 3 1/2″

Fins = 2 + 1

Other = Fact ,Because of the killer whale’s size, it is not preyed on by any other creature in the ocean. It is an apex predator — at the top of the food chain — and the largest apex predator on Earth. Its size means a great amount of strength, which the killer whale uses in order to catch prey.

Another one of our dominate animals The Killer Whale. 

A glider thru water that will catch them all.

With advanced rocker through nose and tail it will be sure to have the speed and performance both rail to rail and on the nose.

Light weight epoxy construction with strength and performance in mind.

Order your next Ride from Another Ride where we build what you ride!

Price = $659


5’6″ Channel Islands Fred Rubble $299

Make = Al Merrick

Model = Fred Rubble

Height = 5’6″

Width = 18 1/8″

Thick = 2 1/16″

Fins = future

Other = lower entry rocker and a wider outline.

It has more volume than a Proton,

but it isn’t really short and chunky like a Dumpster Diver.

It’s just a fun board for waves from waist high to a little over head.

Ride two inches shorter than standard shortboard

and 1/4 inch wider is recommended

board has a single to double concave with a slight vee off tail.

Popular design among many of our world tour contenders.

Waves 2ft+

Price = $299

Board# = 267877


5’10” RC AC/DC performance fish $375

Make = RC

Model = AC/DC

Height = 5-10

Width = 19 2/2″

Thick = 2 1/4″

Fins = FCS II

Other = Nice fishy outline with a slightly pulled in tail

for that transition to larger surf concave to vee of tail

responsive forgiving fun design for most conditions 1-5ft 

Price = $375

Board# = 364433


6’4″ Surf-tech Butterfish $425

Make = Surftech

Model = Butterfish

Height = 6-4

Width = 23″

Thick = 2.8 (45.8)

Fins = FCS II

Other = slightly a higher volume, low rokered wide swallow tail design quick tunring like twin fins setup makes a fun design in most any condition. A strong lamination  sturdy and responsive platform to get more waves and paddle with easy transition into waves 1ft+

Price = $425

Board# = 364431